APRIL 2016

11° Forum of the Spanish Construction Technology Platform.

The 11° Forum of the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC) organized in the framework of its 11° PTEC Forum: Innovation in maintenance and adaptation to new demands of existing transport infraestructure held in Barcelona on April 6th, 2016, a poster session where a total of 22 Research, Development and Innovation projects in the field of transportation infraestructures were presented, including the New Jersey Proyect.

Further details on the posters and presentations can be seen through the following link: http://www.plataformaptec.com/ver-noticia.php?id=3211

November 2015


The Layman Report is targeted at a non-specialist audience and serves to inform about project objectives and results and how these have been achieved. The Layman Report has been published in English and Spanish and can be downloaded clicking on the following links:

Layman Report - English

Zaragoza, 01/07/2015


The third edition of Innovacarretera held in July, aims to show techonology innovations to relevant stakeholders public bodies and private companies, mainly from the road infrastructures industry. SIGNUS pariticipated on this event sharing the result of the New Jersey Project. Morever, a demostrator of prototype nº2 was manufactured for the purpose.

Vilvoorde (Belgium). 19/11/2015


In this event in which were bring developers of recycled rubber and pottential customers, SIGNUS presented the results of New Jersey Project. Moreover, Layman's Report was delivered to attenders.

Future activities. First quarter 2015

European Road Federation - Workshop in Brussels.

Event in Brussels aimed to show relevant results from the Project to representatives from the CE, Regions Committee, European Parliament, industry stakeholders and sectorial associations.

Jun 2015

SIGNUS Activity Report.

May 2015

Desayunos reciclados EFEVERDE.

Participación en el foro mencionando los resultados del proyecto. Evento retrasmitido en streaming y publicado en http://www.efeverde.com/desayunosreciclados

March 2015

Comisión HSE de ETRMA. Bruselas, Bélgica.

Presentación del proyecto y los resultados a la Comisión formada por representantes de las empresas de gestión de los neumáticos fuera de uso europeas.

March 2015



March 2015

Workshop Promoting Sustainable Infrastructure in EU Regions. Brussels, Belgium.

On March 2015, the workshop Promoting Sustainable Infrastructure in EU Regions was organized within the framework of the New Jersey Project. The conference took place on the 3rd of March 2015, the same day the ENVE Commission of the Committee of Regions held its first meeting after the constitution of the new mandate. The event was organized by the European Road Federation and it hosted different stakeholders from the infrastructure sector, including representatives from the General Directorate for Roads from the Comunidad de Madrid (VIA-M), Spain, the EC Directorate-General for the Environment (DG-ENVI) and the EC Directorate-General for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME’s (DG-GROWTH), among others.

In addition to the New Jersey Project, other EU initiatives on road infrastructure aiming at improving environment and quality of life for regions and cities were presented during the event (i.e. sustainable pavements, recycling of materials, electric mobility). The event concluded with the presentation of the New Public Procurement Directive which must be implemented by regions next year and hence encourage the road infrastructure industry to promote more innovative and sustainable solutions.

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Nov 2014

Press release: http://www.lavozdigital.es/agencias/20141030/mas-actualidad/sociedad/barreras-seguridad-caucho-reciclado-para_201410301441.html

Press release: http://www.efeverde.com/noticias/carreteras-barreras-seguridad-caucho-reciclado-signus/

Press release: http://www.lavanguardia.com/local/madrid/20141030/54418723506/barreras-de-seguridad-con-caucho-reciclado-para-reducir-colisiones-de-trafico.html

Press release: http://www.madrid.org/cs/Satellite?c=CM_Actualidad_FA&cid=1354385044727&language=es&pagename=ComunidadMadrid%2FEstructura

Press release: http://www.lavozdigital.es/agencias/20141109/mas-actualidad/sociedad/madrid-disena-barreras-proteccion-viaria_201411091507.html

Press release: http://www.elcorreo.com/agencias/201411/09/madrid-disenia-barreras-proteccion-235932.html

Press release: http://www.presspeople.com/nota/primeras-barreras-proteccion-realizadas-materiales-reciclados

Oct 2014

Rubber Reclycling Symposium, Montreal, October 22th-24th (2014)

Agencia EFE Press release: http://www.efeverde.com/noticias/carreteras-barreras-seguridad-caucho-reciclado-signus/

Jan 2014


Nov 2013

17th World Congress of the International Road Federation (IRF). Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

ACCIONA submitted a paper related to the developments of prototype 1 to the IRF world congress held in Riyadh on November 10th — 14th, 2013. It also had the opportunity to participate as speaker, presenting the results by the time of the congress to several road stakeholders.

The congress hosted mayor stakeholders of the road industry: engineers and managers from construction contractors and design consultants companies, personnel from operations contractors; engineering services professionals, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, government officials and political leaders with relevant portfolios, maintenance personnel, risk management personnel, materials laboratory engineers and qualified technicians, safety consultants and engineers, university researchers and professors, university students enrolled in relevant disciplines, IRF fellows and members of the media. The broader audience targeted allowed the congress to be the most adequate place where to disseminate first results of the project.

Congreso Riyahd/IRF-World-Meeting_NEW JERSEY

Jul 2013


Oct 2012

2012 Rubber Recycling Symposium, Toronto (Canada)

SIGNUS gave a conference in the “2012 Rubber Recycling Symposium”, held on October 17th — 19th, 2012, in Toronto (Canada), where it mentioned the status of the New Jersey Project. A great interest of the audience in the conference was shown according with the comments of some participants. The event takes place every two years and is a worldwide reference on the rubber recycling industry. Is organized by the Rubber Association of Canada and the United States Rubber Manufacturers Association, which represent rubber-made products manufacturers and distributors and aims to promote growth and profitability measures for the related industry. The 2012 Symposium focused closely on exploring the different approaches and comparing successes and opportunities in the tyre recycling sector.

Oct 2012

5th Asphalt Rubber Conference, Munich (Germany)

SIGNUS, along with its Italian and Portuguese counterparts, ECOPNEUS and VALORPNEU respectively, was one of the main sponsors of the 5th Asphalt Rubber Conference, held on October 23th — 26th, 2012, in Munich (Germany).

More than 250 experts form 24 different countries attended the conference. In this event, SIGNUS and its counterparts explained their activities as ELTs managers and their participation on some related projects. SIGNUS deliver a copy of the “Ecovalor” magazine where two articles related to the New Jersey Project and the Life+ Program were included inside. Among the attendees were Public Authorities´ Departments of Infrastructure and Transport, Universities from Europe, EEUU, South America, Asia and South Africa, civil engineering companies, potential consumers of rubber and tyre manufacturers associations. Additionally, Road Departments´ of Regional Authorities of Aragón, Galicia and Navarra were invited to attend this Conference.

May 2012

Life 20th anniversary OPENDAY. Madrid (Spain)

As advised by the European Commission and on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Life research programme, a dissemination OPENDAY conference entitled “Sustainable Infrastructures” was organised on May 30th 2012 by the Madrid Region and ACCIONA with the participation of three Life projects related to tyre recycling, namely NEW JERSEY, RECYTRACK and POLYMIX.

Paramount stakeholders such as the European Commission, the Spanish Ministry of Environment and the Madrid Region Transport Department were among the some fifty participants. The event was covered by some specialized media such as the magazine “Rutas”.

Scale models of the two types of barriers developed in the project were designed, manufactured and distributed among the attendees, together with a technical leaflet. The conference had a successful impact and it outlined the profitable collaboration among private and public entities under the Life framework.

New Jersey Presentation Day

Articles related

Article published in "La Razón" newspaper. January 7th, 2013.